Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The school I work at is in the opposite direction of everywhere else I usually go. So during the summer, I'm hardly up that way. Well today I was up in that part of town and out of curiosity clocked the mileage to work.

It's seven miles.

That means my half marathon is going to be like running to work AND back (minus one mile).

That is a loooonng way!

And no, I am not going to run to or from work because that would involve an interstate and a curvy 2 lane road that they are doing construction on. I'll pass on that option ;)

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  1. Even though I only did a 10k I had the same realizations! I was looking for routes to run and I would map it online. Something I imagined was SOOOO long in my head, and had to be 6 miles was actually only like 2.1. My job is 6 miles from my house and the thought of running there each day....nooo way!