Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's been a while!

Don't worry friends, I'm still alive and kickin ;)

Things have been a little crazy lately! I ran last Thursday. 1.5 miles without stopping, then 1.5 miles on an interval. I really didn't want to go that day because I had a bazillion things on my to do list before going out of town. So I don't remember putting much effort into that run. I think I even gave in and walked the last quarter mile, haha.

Well, now it's Tuesday and I finally ran again. I've been on the move lately and haven't been able to run. It was nice and cool, so I ran outside. I went 2 miles and that's all I was up for. Taking 4 days off was not a good idea. Eeek! It was not a very fun run. Let's just leave it at that ;) But it was very pretty! (see pics above- a nice babbling brook)

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