Monday, October 31, 2011

5 days

That's not long.... at all.


Lots of thoughts are running (ha, no pun intended) through my head right now.  More emotions than I'm used to having all at once.  Life at school lately has been overwhelming too, so my brain is currently freaking out.

That's about all I can process at the moment.  Prayers would be appreciated :)

I did get to have dinner with Beth tonight (the one who talked me into running the half marathon).  She ended up getting plantars faciitis a few weeks ago and can't come this weekend because she can't run :(  BIG bummer.  But she was able to give me some inside scoop of race day and LOTS of encouragement.  I'm very thankful for her!

Here's a picture of us at a wedding a few weeks ago

More updates to come as the week progresses!

Running with 22,999 other people will be interesting!  Maybe "running with the crowd" is a good motto to go with this weekend :)

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  1. im so proud and excited for you, sarah and brooke! i know yall will be amazing!!!!