Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stumbling Block #2

#1 was shin splints a few weeks ago.  Thankfully icing those each night has made a HUGE difference and I haven't had any problems since.

#2 occurred after this weekend's 10 mile run.  I did something to the muscle that goes from my big toe under the ball of my foot... therefore, every step hurts.  It didn't start hurting until Sunday.

Here's what it is.....

and yes.... that BRIGHT red area is a good indication of the pain it creates :(  From the list of things that says causes it, I'm going to go with the increased activity (aka the 10 miles).  And I might have overstretched it afterwards.

I looked this up today and found out what it was... wish I would have looked it up sooner.  I made the decision to try and run yesterday... only made it 3 miles because it hurt a lot towards the end.  Yeah, definitely shouldn't have done that.  My theory in going was that maybe running would toughen it up. Also, I tend to lose my running momentum if I don't run every day, so I was afraid going more than 3 days without running would throw me off.  Ummm yeah, should have ignored that.

So I'm currently icing and don't plan to try and run again until Saturday.  The plan is 12 miles, and I was all excited to do it because it's our last long run until the race.  We'll see.

I'm just bummed because we are SOOOO incredibly close to the race (relatively speaking) and I've been doing so well.  Grrrr.

Praying the icing helps and the pain goes away ASAP.

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