Saturday, October 22, 2011

No long run this weekend


My foot still hurts, even when I am just walking around.  Being a teacher doesn't help this situation, in that I'm on my feet all day long!  I did wear my tennis shoes to work this week, and that did make a difference.

I talked to a family friend, Alex, who has done multiple marathons, and he said that the best thing to do is rest and ice it.  Running this weekend would just get it inflamed again and we'd be back at square one.  He said glitches like this are expected during training.

It's pretty frustrating because we are so close to the race.  I know it will go away by then, but I was looking forward to being able to run this weekend.  Oooh well!  I might try and go swim today to release all this energy I have built up since I haven't been running.  We'll see.

Alex said that once it healed, I would just pick up where my training plan says I should be that day, and not to try and make up for the miles I didn't do.  Good to know.  He also said that since I've hit 10 miles, that I should be fine in terms of being able to do the race.  That did make me feel better (especially coming from him!).

Well, one perk that came out of all of this is that I got to sleep in this morning and have a lazy Saturday morning.  Can't tell you the last time that happened because for the past couple months I've been running each Saturday  morning!

Time to go drink a cup of coffee :)

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