Saturday, October 15, 2011

10 miles!!!

Successfully ran 10 MILES today!! Eeeek!  How crazy is that?!

Went to a new trail today with Patty.  Here's a pic (even though it doesn't do it justice!  The leaves were so pretty!):

Patty joined me for the first 6 miles, and then she had to leave because she had other plans today.  But I definitely enjoyed her company :)  Patty has lots of stories, so she distracted me from thinking about how far we were running!

Miles 5/6/7 were difficult to get through.  So I walked a few minutes, had a snack, drank some Gatorade, and regrouped.  That was a good move because it got me through the second half of the run.

This trail is a paved trail that is covered in dirt, so it's a soft impact when you run.  Bicycles, runners, walkers,  and HORSES are allowed on the trail.  I passed a total of 5 horses in the course of my 2 hour run.  They were beautiful!  But that also meant there were big piles of horse poop, so I had to be careful ;)

This trail is in the middle of nowhere, but I came across this sign...


Come to find out there is a driving range that backs up to the trail.  Thankfully I didn't encounter any flying golf balls!

Well, we are exactly 3 weeks away from the race.  After finishing today's run, I thought to myself, I could do 3 more miles after this!  Today's run made me feel better about being able to accomplish the half marathon.  And I've been pretty consistent with my average mile pace, so if I stick to that, I should do pretty well with my overall time (although my ONLY goal is to finish!).

As I was walking to my car after the run, I could just feel my leg muscles tightening like WOAH.  I did a lot of stretching, but I have a feeling I'm going to be pretty sore tomorrow!

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