Saturday, October 1, 2011

I Survived the 10k!

(That's 6 miles, in case you were wondering!)


The race was to raise money for the Wake Med Children's Hospital in Raleigh, NC.  So the picture above is me after the race with the hospital mascot!  It's kind of cool that this is the race I ended up doing because my brother, Stuart, was at Wake Med for 2 weeks in ICU his senior year of high school after he had a heat stroke.  Everyone who worked at the hospital was awesome and all of the doctors and nurses took good care of him, and now he is back to himself 100% with no internal damage :)  God is good!

Oh, and my brother and I were both born at that hospital :)

I ran the race today with Patty (right) and Katie (middle):

This is before the race - We were glowing!

They are both running the half marathon with me, and this is the first race I had done with them.  They were such a big help because with it being my first race, they helped me with all the pre-race stuff and giving me the scoop!  We decided to run the race on intervals of 3 run, 1 walk - which is what I was used to.  Katie is like me, and is planning to run the half in intervals.  Patty is one who just likes to go :)  Patty gets EXTRA friend points today because she ran the intervals with us (and she is not a fan of intervals).   So we all crossed the finish line together :) 

Running the race wasn't too bad.  The first mile is always hard, but after that, we were on a roll.  The race was downtown and we ran around a big loop twice.  We had nice convos as we went on our way and had a good time!

And might I add..... we ran by the Krispy Kreme with the HOT sign on... not once.... but TWICE!  Ooooooooooooh the temptation was SO mean.  Smelling them, but couldn't eat them.  Not fair.

We successfully finished the race, and there were a lot of post-race activities and booths set up by various groups.  We got some water and delicious muffins (sponsored Sweet Tomatoes - yum!), and then as we were wandering around the block we found these...................


And they were delcious :)

We weren't excited at all....
Maybe if we would have known there were cupcakes at the end, we might have run a little faster ;)

I'll end this post with the picture of us with the most famous person there today:

SCOOBY DOO!  We found you!

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