Tuesday, August 30, 2011

3 miler

Agh, I'm behind again with my posts.  School is in full swing, so that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it :)

Last week I ran Wednesday night.  I had all intentions of getting up Saturday and running at the gym, but Hurricane Irene talked me into staying in my pjs all morning.  Also, the shoes I wore to school on Friday gave me small blisters on my feet, so that was the deciding factor of not running.  So Plan B was to run before church on Sunday morning.... And that didn't happen either.  So Plan C was to run Sunday afternoon, and thankfully that happened.  I ran 4 miles (wahooo!) on the treadmill on intervals.  This was the week that I started my  long runs on the weekend, even though this one wasn't "long" in comparison of what's to come (Eek!).

So now it's Tuesday.  I've discovered I have to think through my evening plans for the week to determine when I can run ahead of time.  Sometimes this requires more effort that I'd like ;)  Well today when I left school, I felt like I could go to sleep right then and then wake up tomorrow morning.  I forgot how tired the beginning of the school year makes me.  On the way home, I was trying to figure out when I was going to run this week and came to no conclusion after my 15 minute drive.  I literally sat on my couch for an hour (while watching tv) debating if I should go run or not.  How sad is that?!  I wish I was kidding, but it's true.  I finally almost talked myself into it - well, almost.  The deciding factor was going to be if I had any clean workout clothes.  In the back of my head, I was sure that they were all dirty.  I get up and go check.............. And there was ONE clean set of workout clothes left.  Dang it!  That meant I had to go run.  I'll admit. I wasn't to thrilled.

After a lot of talking myself into it and knowing I'd appreciate it later, I got dressed and headed out the door.  Thanks to Hurricane Irene and those CRAZY thunderstorms last night, today was a low humidity, BEAUTIFUL day.  AKA - I could finally run outside (and be comfortable!).  It's been over a month since I've been able to do that.  So I'm super thankful!

My goal, as I was driving to the trail, was 2 miles.  Even though my training plan said I should do 3 today.  Once I got running, things were feeling good.  So I was bold and set my goal for running 3 miles..... without stopping.  That's never happened.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I've run 2 miles with one or two breaks in there, but never non-stop.


I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

I was in shock when I finished because I couldn't believe it!  

And to think that I almost didn't go run today.

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