Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Legs = Cinder Blocks

This one will be short and sweet -

Last night I did the cross training class.  There were more people there than usual, so she split us into three groups and we did circuits.  One station was abs/core, one was lunges/squats, the other was jump roping.  Yeah, jump roping is fun in elementary school when you are singing, "Cinderella, dress in yellow, went upstairs to  kiss her fellow... Made a mistake and kissed a snake, how many doctors will it take...1..2...3...." till you trip on the jump rope [anyone else remember that one?].  Well anyways, jumping rope in a gym class is not NEARLY as fun as that.  And we didn't sing fun songs.  You had to do that in your head to survive ;)

We did a minute at each station and then rotated.  Once we made it to all three, we'd get new directions for each station and then go around again.  We did this for 45 minutes.  Talk about a long 45 minutes!

Tonight, I went to the aerobics dance class.  I thought I would be fine because I wasn't sore from the cross training from yesterday.  Ooooooooooooh was I wrong.  My legs felt like there were cinder blocks attached to my feet.  They didn't want to move!  And of course the class tonight required a lot of jumping.  My legs did MORE than their share of jumping yesterday.

So I am going to take that as.... Stephanie, you should take the day off tomorrow :)

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