Monday, August 15, 2011


So I must confess... I love the tv show Glee, especially the music :)  Well, yesterday I went to go see Glee the Concert Movie in 3D... and it was amazing!  I already had some Glee songs downloaded on my iTunes, but when I got home I added quite a few more.  I've been listening to them all day.  And the best decision I made today?  Having the Glee songs as my playlist for running... AKA 3 miles of awesomeness.  Life is GOOD!

I had all intentions of getting up early to run since it was BEAUTIFUL today, but it didn't happen, so I ran at the gym this afternoon.  I start back teacher workdays this week, so I guess I better get used to being up early again. Students start late next week and those mean SUPER early days.  Like, before the sun comes up kinda early.  Let's see, the last time I got up that early was June 10.  The last day of school!

After I ran tonight, I timed it just right and went to the dance aerobics class.  The class got a new release soundtrack with new moves, so I really wanted to go :)  And my friend Claire was there too, so we tried our best to stay coordinated!

A few minutes ago, I got up after sitting down on the floor for a little while, and my legs almost gave out!  Sooo I think tomorrow I'll probably be a little sore.  2 hours of hard core cardio will do that to you!  BUT I had some rockin' endorphins this evening :)

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